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Frequently Asked Questions

What is our Affiliate program?

Using our Affiliate program, you can earn a commission by referring our hosting solutions to your clients, audience, and friends!

What is the joining process?

You can visit our Affiliate program at (your site’s affiliate link) and simply hit the “Sign up” button! We will email you the tracking link along with other useful insights to get started and maximize your earning.

Is there any criterion to join?

No, anyone can join our Affiliate program.

What will be my earning?

At present, we are offering a fixed 50% commission for every qualified purchase of our hosting products! To learn about a qualified purchase, please take a look at our Terms of Service.

How will you pay my commission?

We use PayPal Mass Pay to pay our affiliates. You will receive the payments quickly and automatically and the best part is all the fees associated with making the payment will be borne by us so that you can get the full 50% commission for every sale you make!

I want to change my PayPal email, how do I proceed?

First, you need to send us an email at (your email address). We will have to confirm your username, the email you would wish to change it to along with verifying your account, which we will do using the last four characters of the password of your affiliate account.

Is there any timeline to get paid?

It takes 45-60 days for us to review and process a sale after it is materialized. The payments to our affiliates are processed between the 16th and the month-end. Therefore, if a sale is materialized by you in February, we will process your payment between 16th and 30th April.

Will I receive any additional commission if I sell add-ons?

Right now, we are only paying our affiliates for qualified purchases of our hosting products. So, any hosting renewals or sale of add-ons will not help you earn any additional commission.

How do you track sales?

We have employed different mechanisms to track sales materialized through the accounts of our affiliates. The primary method we use is dropping a cookie from your affiliate link and it will stay on the browser of the customer for 90 days unless the cookies and the browser’s cache are cleared by the person before then.

I do not find my banners and link, can you help?

Visit your Affiliate Dashboard to find your banners and link. Check the menu item “Links” under which your affiliate tracking link is placed at the very top of the page, you will see the banners below the link.

Where should I promote my link and banners?

You can promote them on any website owned by you, ideally creating a content-based blog post since they bring maximum conversions. You can also connect with us to learn the tips and tricks used by our top affiliates and follow them to maximize your earning.

Should I promote these on social media?

Your tracking link should not be posted directly on social media because it generally receives lots of spam clicks that may affect your account negatively.

I am not being able to log into my account, can you help?

Please try and reset the password using the link available below your login credentials. If you still cannot log into your account, please send us an email at (your email address).

Is it possible to place ads?

While you can promote (your company name) with the help of AdWords, you are not allowed to bid on the terms trademarked by us or use our brand name in the ad description or keywords. You have to ensure that the website, where (your company name) is promoted, is attracting traffic. For further information, please visit our Terms of Service.

Is it possible to purchase it on my client’s behalf?

Every sale needs to have unique and new billing information and contact details. Ideally, your clients should sign up for their accounts first and then set up their websites with your help.

Is it possible to use my affiliate earnings for paying my dues for my hosting account?

Right now, this is not a payment option available with us. We only offer PayPal payments to help our affiliates receive payments quickly and easily.

Why a tax form is needed to be submitted by me?

As we are based in the U.S., we need to report to the American Internal Revenue Service to whom we transfer money for keeping our tax records.

How do I see who signed up using my link?

You can check this using your Affiliate Dashboard. Please visit the “Stats” tab and hit the submenu item “Payout History”. You will be able to see your each and every sale since the opening of your affiliate account. If you want to check the domains that have signed up using your link, hit the blue dollar amount and you will see a detailed invoice.

Where does the tax form need to be sent?

You will find a yellow banner on your dashboard, after logging into your account, asking you to fill out the tax form. Just click on the hyperlink and answer the questions. Your tax form will be reviewed by us to ensure it matches with your Affiliate Account details and in case they do not, we will not approve your tax form.

Is there any minimum payment threshold?

It has to be a minimum of $100 (2 sales) before your first commission payment can be processed by us. This is applicable to the first payment only, after that, we will process any single sale materialized through your account.

Testimonials From Our Affiliates

This is the most professional company of all the web hosts I’ve ever worked with. I use their affiliate program to recommend the products to all my clients because I’m fully confident that any customer will be completely satisfied with their top-notch services, industry-leading expertise, and quick and knowledgeable customer service.

- Santos Richards

I have been associated with (your company name) for about 5 years now and have referred more than 300 clients to them during this period. Some of my clients appeared with specific business needs and the team did a fabulous job in catering to them. The support has always been the best in the industry. Respectful, friendly, knowledgeable, and available round the clock.

- Joe Salazar

I really want to rate the entire team of (your company name) A++ and this is the reason why all my clients and friends are hosted with them. What we like the most is that rather than saying “Oh, you’ll need to generate a support ticket for this”, the team does it itself within minutes. None of my clients/friends have reported an issue with their services during my 3 years of association.

- Michelle Crawford